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Inspiration Lane

We are an outdoor advertising company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our concept was conceived and developed from a strong believe in outdoor advertising and a passion for digital signage. The business was born after the arrival of Nick and Paula’s oldest daughter, and they were inspired to build the business from the ground up.


Outdoor Advertising.

We’re building a network of digital and static billboards to provide an effective advertising platform for our clients. As a way to reach mass amounts of people effectively and affordably. Outdoor advertising is an extremely cost-effective medium, and viewers can’t fast-forward, block, skip or ignore the ads. We are always on!


We put our clients first.

We’re a small family owned and operated business. We work with our clients tirelessly to achieve the best results possible. We pride ourselves on our relationships and customer service. We believe in treating people how we would like to be treated.

We provide cost-effective

Outdoor Advertising Opportunities in premier locations.

And our business doesn’t stop there. We have 14 years of experience in digital signage industry and over 17 years in media planning and buying: outdoor, television, radio, print and digital. We offer media consulting, media planning and media buying services geared toward our client’s needs and goals.

Meet Us!

The Inspiration Lane Team

Nick and Paula formed Inspiration Lane because of a passion for all things digital in the out-of-home industry. They could see the outdoor advertising industry was still growing year to year and digital outdoor was the next step in the evolution. Technology has drastically altered much of traditional advertising: print, newspapers, television and radio.  However, the outdoor industry continues to grow and thrive and technology has only made it stronger.

Nick Pecko

Founder and Owner

Paula Pecko

Founder and Owner